Taco Green-Go is the brain child of Michael DuBay. Incorporated in March of 2013 we first opened our window October 3rd 2013. Since our inception we have grown into one of the premier taco trucks in North Carolina. Offering a seamless blend of Mexican,Island and Southern cuisine Taco Green-Go breathes new life into what food from a truck should be. Taco Green-Go operates out of Charlotte, NC. We are long time festival hippies who left the corporate world to follow our dreams of bringing fresh and healthy food to our friends on the road. All of our food is fresh and hand made with love. No freezers, cans, or microwaves. The style of food is called Floribbean, a type of Southern US/Island and Latin Fusion. The menu is interesting and exotic with a comfortable and approachable feel. We do offer vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options as well. We call ourselves, The Eco-Friendly Food Truck. The truck was built by the owners and hand painted by a local artist. Positive energy and community support are the cornerstones of our philosophy. Therefore, local sourcing of ingredients, recycled paper products, plant based plastics, natural gas, LED lighting, commercial grade insulation, bio-degradable detergents, and composting are just a few ways we provide healthy, sustainable, cost conscious food choices that support the eclectic and unique economic driving force of our community.