We compiled a list of the 5 Top Food Trucks in Charlotte, NC so you can indulge in culinary delights aplenty.

Food Truck 1 : What The Fries Charlotte

Serving loaded gourmet French fries, house-made tater tots, and burgers.  Menu include items Cheesy fries, Truffle fries and Lobster Mac and cheese fries. If you love good food and fries then you must try this food truck in Charlotte.

Food Truck 2 : Taza Food Truck

Taza’s mission is simple: to bridge food cultures by introducing falafel as a natural and versatile plant-protein able to compliment any cuisine. Taza’s journey began in 2014 in the heart of the Mediterranean – Egypt. Founder, Tony Abdelmalek, returned to Egypt to celebrate his heritage and reconnect with his roots. While traveling the corridors of Cairo, he took notice to the street food that lined the roads. Tony became infatuated with the idea of bringing this piece of Egypt back with him to the United States.

Food Truck 3 : Queen City Sliders

Queen City Sliders is a new and exciting food truck hitting the Charlotte area. We specialize in delicious old fashioned sliders and waffle tots. Their sliders are the best in Charlotte , made with 100% beef and on martins potato rolls.

Food Truck 4 : Nacho Average Truck

This is Charlotte’s FIRST Nacho Truck. You will find gourmet nachos here, all with homemade toppings. We have a set menu and some specialty items that will rotate on the truck weekly. No matter which nachos you order, the ingredients are always fresh and always homemade.
A little background. My name is Ashley. I moved to Charlotte back in 2005. As you can imagine, I have watched Charlotte undergo a dramatic change over the years. So many new businesses and developments have popped up during that time. The food truck scene is just one of the industries that has taken off with so many delicious and creative options.
I had wanted to get into the food industry for a while and dreamed of starting my own food truck in Charlotte. Over the years I created new recipes to share with friends and family. But I wanted to be able to share these with so many more. The idea is to create a truck with delicious food and fresh ingredients and a menu that would be convenient for my customers. So…Nacho Average Truck was born!

Food Truck 5 : The Dumpling Lady

Final food truck in the 5 best charlotte food trucks is Dumpling Lady’s dumplings and noodles are made with a Sichuan (Szechuan) Chinese family recipe that goes back farther than anyone can remember.
When The Dumpling Lady moved to America in 2015, she brought this piece of Sichuan with her and set out to create authentic, locally sourced, and delicious dumplings, noodles, and Sichuan street food in Charlotte, NC.
We make our food by hand, and are proud to source our meats and veggies locally and support NC agriculture.