10 Top Food Trucks in the America

We put together a list of the 10 Top Food Trucks in the America so you can indulge in culinary delights aplenty. Let’s dive into deliciousness with Food Cart Number 10!

Only a real “Foodie” knows that the most delicious delicacies don’t just reside in restaurants: enter the Food Truck. A great American tradition that caters to anyone, anytime, anywhere (there is road access). However, where are the best food trucks, and how do you find them?

We here at Food Truck Station can tell you where to find the best food carts, what to expect, and what their best bits are. In our list of the top 10 best food trucks in the America.

The Best 10 Food Trucks in America!

Best Food Truck 10 – The Halal Food Truck

The Halal Food Truck is run by a father and son team dedicated to bringing you great flavor coupled with Halal respect. Those who want to eat without guilt and also happen to live in NC can find the Halal Food Truck at the corner of N Tryon St in Charlotte. Tipped to be hot is their Philly Cheesesteak – but the Falafel on Pita is a mouth-watering treat for any vegetarian.

Food Truck Station Halal Food Truck Charlotte

Best Food Truck 9 – Roxy’s Grilled Cheese

What started with a food “cart” license used for a food truck in Boston, MA, turned into the legend that is Roxy’s Grilled Cheese. It’s one of the best food trucks in America – why? Simplicity. Although now the Mighty Rib Melt (that’s BBQ braised short rib with caramelized onions…yum yum!) is now a menu favorite – they did start by selling grilled cheese to the masses. Roxy’s are the perfect example of a simple plan executed to food cart perfection.

Food Truck Station Roxy's Gourmet

Best Food Truck 8 – Nana G’s Chick-n-Waffles

Nana G’s is special to us because it brings home-cooked goodness to the table. If you want sumptuous, scrumptious, probably-with-too-much-butter food, then Nana G’s is where you go. Situated in Atlanta, Georgia, you can follow their schedule through their food truck listing above. When it comes to the menu, everything chicken is delicious, and we do mean everything. If you are feeling hungry tryout Heavy D’s Chicken Basket and let us know how you get on in the comments.

Best Food Truck 7 – Oink & Moo BBQ

Oink & Moo made our list of the best food trucks in America because of its soaring popularity. In fact, Oink & Moo was voted the most popular food truck in the USA by CNBC, and that is quite an accolade. Found in Florham Park, New Jersey, and selling BBQ beef and pork with sides made from scratch; this food truck definitely deserves a place on our list for best in mobile food.

Oink and Mo BBQ Food Tuck Station

Best Food Truck 6 – Rico’s Acai

Run by brothers Matt and John Williams and found in Charlotte, NC, Rico’s Acai offers a healthy menu as an alternative to the fried food usually found on food carts. They use the freshest of ingredients and serve a crowd of surfers native Puerto Rican flavors. Their take on fast food is done without being fat food is what has earned them a place on our list of top ten best mobile food trucks in the US.

Food Truck Ricos Acai

Best Food Truck 5 – Kogi BBQ

Found in LA and known for the best food truck kimchi quesadillas that money can buy; this fantastic Korean food cart is a must-see if you happen to be in the area. Although tacos are a specialty of theirs, Bustle cited their street food as fit for a King. We can only agree. They also gave them first place out of ten, enough to earn them a fifth place on our list of the ten best food trucks in the USA!

Best Food Truck 4 – Cinnamon Snail

Found in New York City itself you might be lucky enough to come across one of this year’s trendiest new food carts. Nominated as one of the best food trucks ever by Pens & Patron, Cinnamon Snail specializes in vegan food. They have more than thirty donut flavors all vegan-friendly, and they are making quite a splash. Check them out if you are ever in NYC.

Sinnamon Snail Vegan Organic

Best Food Truck 3 – House of Mac

House of Mac was voted best food truck of 101 other competitors by the Daily Meal, and it truly deserves the title. Situated in Miami, Florida, this mobile food cart is famous – Famous! – for their mac & cheese. It takes some world-class mac & cheese to make a food cart famous, so we recommend you try it the next time you happen through Miami. Other delicacies include fried chicken and pumpkin spice waffles and jerk salmon pasta…go on… you know you want to!

Best Food Truck 2 – Fava Pot

Fava Pot isn’t just a food cart – it’s a mobile food station that donates a portion of their proceeds to help orphans in Egypt. Not only are they good enough people to bring a tear to the eye – their hand spiced Falafel, and Yogurt marinaded Cornish Game Hen are to die for – at least according to Mental Floss, who voted them top food truck out of fifty other competitors. You can find them in Arlington and Fairfax, Virginia; enjoy!

Fava Pot

Best Food Truck  1 – Mac Mart

Mac Mart made our top best food cart in the US as it currently stands because of their devotion to all things good old-fashioned American. Wholesome, delicious, and succulent, every one of their thoughtful dishes has been dedicated to catering to a different taste – and a lot of it features their famous mac and cheese. So, turn up to their Philadelphia carts, tuck into their treats, and report back to us on who has your favorite mac n cheese!

Mac Mart Food Truck